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SCT Livewire Ford Programmer

Truck Accessory Site is your horsepower source for your Ford truck. When it comes to Ford's, SCT is on top of the game. More power, less fuel, SCT is specifically made for Ford's. The SCT Livewire flash tuner ships for free when you buy at Also, when you buy SCT from you can have piece of mind that you are buying from a authorized dealer. When you buy SCT from a authorized dealer you get the best available warranty along with the fastest shipping because we always have SCT programmers in stock. Truck Accessory Site is your source for Ford programmers at everyday low prices. Learn all about the SCT Livewire below.
authorized dealer of SCT performance products
Authorized Dealer of SCT
About SCT

Founded by a group of hard-core speed enthusiasts, SCT works hard to make your ride faster. By producing some of the industries finest electronic tuners and programmers, SCT caters to those with pure performance in mind. SCT specializes in extracting the hidden power for both gasoline and diesel burners alike.

Once you discover the SCT advantage, your vehicle won’t be the same. SCT utilizes the latest electronics and software to extract the most power possible. There are massive amounts of horsepower and torque hidden under your hood and SCT makes it their business to bring it out.

Before SCT unleashes any product for your vehicle, rest assured that it’s been put through a battery of rigorous testing. SCT not only proves their products on the dyno, they validate their superiority on the road and track everyday. Through testing, racing and everyday street pounding, SCT maintains its lead in the tuner market.

SCT Livewire flash tuner for Fords
free shipping
The SCT Livewire flash tuner for your Ford is not just another flash tuner. The Livewire plugs into the hidden reserves of horsepower, torque and fuel mileage stored under your hood. The Livewire’s preloaded, vehicle-specific tunes are dyno-proven to shock your ride with performance or economy—the choice is yours.

Tap the Livewire into your ride’s OBD-II port to electrify any driving experience. Select different octane ratings and performance tunes, and the Livewire sparks up to 120 horsepower for diesel rigs and up to 30 for gas burners. And, the fuel-economy mode garners up to 2 MPG depending on your driving style.

Along with the preloaded files—including the factory tune—your Livewire holds up to 3 more custom tunes. The tuner also logs and displays data that matters to enthusiastic drivers—RPMs, horsepower and torque, 0-60 and quarter-mile ETs, and MPG—all in real-time. And, SCT backs your Livewire Flash Device with a high-voltage 90-day warranty.

SCT Livewire flash tuner key features:
  • Your SCT Livewire Flash Tuner is backed by a 90-day warranty
  • The Livewire does not void your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty
  • Easily return your vehicle to the factory tune for scheduled dealer maintenance
  • Real-time instrumentation records and displays MPG, horsepower, torque, quarter-mile and 0-60 times
  • Includes a built-in, high-intensity yellow LED shift light
  • Displays data-log info that matters—air/fuel ratio, boost pressure, RPM and ignition timing (air/fuel and boost parameters require external sensors not included)
  • Easily read, clear and diagnose trouble codes/check-engine lights without expensive visits to the dealer
  • Livewire also holds up to 3 custom-tune files for heavily-modified vehicles
  • Preloaded tuning means you can enjoy your Livewire right out of the box
  • Dyno-proven tunes are preloaded for stock and lightly modified vehicles—also includes factory tune
  • Smoothes throttle response and increases performance across the entire power band
  • Choose tunes based on octane and performance settings, or maximum fuel economy
  • Maximum Fuel Economy Tune delivers fuel mileage gains of up to 2 MPG, depending on your driving style
  • Gain up to 33HP/35ft-lbs torque for gas; 120HP/240ft-lbs torque for diesel (varies by vehicle)
  • The Livewire flashes your engine for maximum horsepower, torque and fuel mileage depending on the chosen tune
  • The SCT Livewire Flash Tuner is custom calibrated for your specific make, model and year vehicle
  • Free shipping on the SCT Livewire when you buy at Truck Accessory Site.
Data Log Info that Matters!

Want to data log your vehicle's Air / Fuel Ratio or Boost Pressure? No problem! LIVEWIRE also features high speed USB data logging of multiple OBD-II PCM parameters, a dedicated wideband air/fuel monitoring port, the ability to datalog an additional analog signal, and real-time instrumentation. You can easily configure the LIVEWIRE display screen to show important information at a glance (*Air / Fuel Ratio, *Boost, Spark Advance).

*Displays a converted 0-5v signal. Requires external Air / Fuel Ratio device (LM-1, Wideband Commander) or MAP Sensor (for boost)

Performance Data Built-In!

Measuring your vehicle's HP, TQ, 0-60 ET, 1/4 Mile ET and Fuel Mileage has never been easier. LIVEWIRE accurately estimates* your vehicle's performance based on data monitored from the vehicle's computer. Now you can easily measure performance gains before and after you make vehicle modifications, plus monitor your fuel economy!

*Due to variables such as wheel spin all ratings are estimates only.

Read/Clear DTC Codes

Using the LIVEWIRE Flash Device, you can now Read, Clear & Diagnose Trouble Codes without the expensive diagnostic fees charged by dealerships or your local garage!

Built-In Shift Light

Why purchase an additional shift light? LIVEWIRE has a built-in, High Intensity Yellow LED Shift Light. Now, you can adjust your desired Shift RPM in seconds. LIVEWIRE is very accurate, it reads the RPM signal directly from your vehicle's computer.

Supported F-Series Trucks:
  • 1999 - 2003 7.3L Diesel F-Series
  • 2003 - 2007 6.0L Diesel F-Series
  • 1999 - 2004 Lightning / Harley Truck
  • 2004 - 2007 4.2L F-Series
  • 2004 - 2007 4.6L F-Series
  • 2004 - 2007 5.4L F-Series
  • 2004 - 2007 6.8L F-Series
Average Power Gains Using Livewire
Pre-Loaded Tune Files:
Vehicle: RWHP RWTQ
'99-'03 7.3L Diesel 110 200
'03-'07 6.0L Diesel 120 240
'99-'04 Lightning/Harley 25 38
'04-'07 4.2L F-Series 14 20
'04-'07 4.6L F-Series 11 8
'04-'07 5.4L F-Series 22 20
'04-'07 6.8L F-Series 31 31
Product Description Price
SCT Livewire flash tuner
96-07 Ford Cars Gas And Trucks And Diesel Powered Trucks Live Wire Allinone Strategy Flash Tuners
free shipping
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SCT Livewire
Twin Turbo Diesel Flash Tuner
Ford Powerstroke 6.4L 2008
free shipping
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9621 Street Tuner
SCT Livewire
Twin Turbo Diesel Flash Tuner
Ford Powerstroke 6.4L 2008
free shipping
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9623 EXTREME Performance Tuner
free shipping
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Dash Mounting Pedestal For Live Wire
free shipping
Part #
Livewire Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Kit
free shipping
Part #

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